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Good Eye Contact is a Tremendous Message Enhancer

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Good Eye Contact is a Tremendous Message Enhancer

Did you know that you will do more damage than good within the first few minutes of conversation if you do not have great eye contact?  For some personality types, good eye contact is the only way they will engage.  For the rest of us, its the subtle message that says: listen, I am sincere and have something important to say.

Like the handshake, good eye contact is a tremendous message enhancer and part of your credibility and sincerity.

Other people will evaluate your lack of eye contact as being:

• Insincere
• Not telling the truth
• Lacking confidence in yourself, your product, or your company

Conversely, other people will evaluate good eye contact as:

• Sincere
• Truthful and trustworthy
• Confident in the company, product, and self

Proper and effective eye contact elements include, frequency, correct target, and duration.

Good eye contact is a skill that must be practiced and perfected.

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