Authentic Leadership


Cognitive (Thinking) Learning

Comprehension is a vital step in the learning process. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn to apply, analyze, and evaluate behaviors and actions.

Affective (Feeling) Learning

Learning from the heart is where learning is not just understood, it is felt. To authentically implement new skills it must come from the heart. This is where influence excels and healthy changes become long term and sustainable.

To be a successful leader that has the influence to really create the IMPACT needed in today’s working environment, it takes more than skills and learned behaviors. IT TAKES HEART.

Authentic leaders have a high level of self-awareness and have the tools to manage the core values, beliefs, mindsets, and emotions that drive behaviors. Without the heart of leadership, leaders will not have long term success. To sustain long lasting culture changes of high profitability, healthy work environments, low turnover, and high level innovation a leader has to be willing to go inside.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
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