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Coaching Daily Journal

Coaching: Daily Journal

Thank you for participating in one of our Coaching and Individual Development programs.

Below you will find the Daily Journal that was discussed in your sessions with your mcoach.

Congratulations and great job on documenting your growth and continued development!

This form is designed to help you see the changes you are making and commit to further action.  A copy will be sent to you upon submission.  We highly encourage you to save these to refer to from time to time and have them available to discuss during your next coaching and individual development session.

Fields marked with an * are required

Please provide your purpose statement. This can be as short at 1-2 sentences or  a couple of paragraphs. This can be the same each day, or change.

Please list a minimum of 5 and up to things for which you are grateful.

Please note 2-5 people, thoughts or actions of others or yourself that you forgave today.

Please provide 5-10 minimum desires or wants for tomorrow. Can be anything tangible or intangible. 

For every desire or want you listed list at least the same amount of tangible or intangible gifts you gave today.

Please rate your emotional drivers on average from today. One star being from fear, 5 stars being from love.

Please rate your thoughts today: 1 star for worried, 5 stars for trusting.

Please rate your thoughts today: 1 star for Limited, 5 stars for Limitless.

Please rate your feeling today: 1 star for heavy, 5 stars for light.

Please be sure to have very quiet, alone, reflective time. 

Please note how long, how many times, what was done and any insight of the process.

Please note any efforts in relationship management on either building or repairing a relationship. If more than one, please include all.

Please note any noticeable shifts in thinking, behavior or perception throughout today. Can be big or small.

Please provide any additional skill or improvement practices requested by your coach or extra comments you want to share with your coach or note to yourself.

As you go through this learning journey we encourage you to look at our online programs available to you that include but not limited to:

Monday Mentor, a leadership digest emailed every Monday full of valued skills. Inspirations, a daily email of inspirations to get you started with your day. SEE Track, a follow-up tool to provide you with the support to implement your new skills. SEE Readers, a community of knowledge on books and articles that make an impact in your learning. SEE Connect FB Group, our Facebook professional development group. You may also be interested in our SEE Gives and SEE Shares pages, these are great resources for giving back.

Please always remember, you are not alone and we are here for you.

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