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Coaching Interactions

Coaching Interactions

Thank you for participating in one of our Coaching and Individual Development programs.

Below you will find the Coaching Interactions form.

Congratulations and great job on documenting your growth and continued development!

This form is designed to help you see the changes you are making and commit to further action.  A copy will be sent to you upon submission.  We highly encourage you to save these to refer to from time to time and have them available to discuss during your next coaching and individual development session.

Fields marked with an * are required

Please start with 5 minutes of very quiet, alone, reflective time. 

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply with all the good and positive thoughts you can.  Exhale strongly with all the negative and defeating thoughts you have.  Sit up straight and pick a comfortable spot.  Do this every day to start your morning. 

This is designed to produce some calm and clearing moving into the day.  Establishing this core practice will be paramount to building on other pieces.

Please share the details below.

Please note any opportunities that you had to judge someone, a situation or yourself harshly but were able to defeat the thought. 

Blocking and reducing judgments will dramatically improve your core energy and provide the confidence you seek.

Please begin meeting one-on-one with your directly reporting team members every week or every other week.  Use this opportunity to learn about them and disclose some about you.  Find out about their family, interests and other common relational elements.  

Please note the details below.

Please provide the details of your reading assignment.

Please provide any additional skill or improvement practices requested by your coach or extra comments you want to share with your coach or note to yourself.

As we go through this learning journey together,  we encourage you to look at our online programs and other support that is available to you that include but not limited to:
Monday Mentor, a leadership digest emailed every Monday full of valuable skills. SEE Connects, a professional development group that meets once a month (in person and online groups available). Inspirations, a daily email of inspirations to get you started with your day and SEE Readers, a community of knowledge on books and articles that make an impact in your learning.

Please always remember, you are not alone and we are here for you.

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