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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of the modern working environment. The important part relating to relationships and personal power is the ability to resolve conflicts in a healthy and positive manner and to preserve relationships during conflict.

Highly effective and emotionally intelligent leaders are able to seed conflict in order to stimulate dialog leading to innovation and process improvement.

Is the conflict constructive or destructive?

Can you pick out the conflict indicators?

Did you know there are five models of resolving conflict?

Once the source of a conflict is identified, steps can be taken to find a solution and prevent the conflict from becoming destructive. An effective conflict resolution strategy should include seven steps including: clarifying perceptions and focusing on individual and shared needs.

Moving to a collaborated solution requires a significant subordination of self-interest. Your ego will fight you and a high degree of self-management will be required to find the best solution regardless of percentage of give and take.

Learn more about conflict resolution in our EQ2 Building Relationships online program.

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