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Decision Making – A Key to Leadership Success

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Decision Making - A Key to Leadership Success

Decisions are at the heart of leadership success and may determine the ultimate success of your organization.

Benefits of quality and ethical decision making:

  • Reduces Organizational Risk.
  • Improves Morale through thoughtful decisions that minimize the adverse impact on team members.
  • Improves Service-by removing obstacles and unneeded approvals between a customer and an issue resolution.
  • Improves Empowerment-by putting the right decision levels with the right organizational levels.
  • Enhances Organizational Reputation-through not crossing ethical and legal boundaries.
  • Helps Public Relations-by not having to answer media questions about ethical lapses or poor judgment.
  • Grows Accountability-by placing decisions in the hands of the right level of team member.

Learn more about the impact of decision making in our Effective Decision Making online program. The key learning elements in this program are both based on science and a robust set of best practices used at organizations that work hard to meet the motivational needs and engagement practices of their teams.

Effective Decision Making

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