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How do intimacy levels affect communication levels?

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How do intimacy levels affect communication levels?

The depth of a relationship impacts the level of communication and the degree to which people communicate.

You have those people you know that are on a “good morning” relationship level and those people that truly know who you are. The greater the degrees of transparency in communication, the greater the flow of information and richness.

In a working environment communication levels should remain at the Fact Level.

  • Cliché level will cause a large disconnect and serves no one.
  • Fact base doesn’t allow room for conflict or argument related to it.
  • Opinion will stir up conflict.
  • Emotion and Transparency will disclose far too much about you.

Leaders should always work to communicate on a fact based level and remember that when a leader expresses opinion, it will often be received as fact. Stating feeling will also unnecessarily expose and risk credibility with team members

– Manage most work related communication on a fact based intimacy level. Avoid over-sharing your opinion or your feelings.

– Understand that most work related conflicts occur when opinions or feelings are communicated.

– Be aware that some styles of communicators will dismiss any communication with a feeling-based label attached to it.

– Depending on style and passion, some opinions can be misinterpreted as fact-based communication.

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