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The Impact of Coaching and Providing Feedback

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The Impact of Coaching and Providing Feedback

Coaching is your most important tool in managing the performance level of your team and directing the required behaviors of individual team members.

Coaching and providing feedback have significant impact on individual team members and on the overall performance and health of an organization.

Two types of feedback exist: positive and corrective.

Positive feedback is the most powerful and effective tool that leaders have at their disposal to improve performance, impact morale in a positive manner and fully complete the influence equation. Positive feedback has the potential, when delivered consistently, constantly and in the right format, to transform an organization’s culture and overall health.

When positive feedback is provided:

– Valued performance elements and behaviors are repeated by team members.
– Poor performance and behavior elements are reduced and eliminated.

Corrective feedback becomes an important tool for any leader to utilize wisely. Much more judgment is required and a little planning needs to occur for the correct application of corrective feedback.

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