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Increasing Self-Knowledge in the Workplace

Increase your self-knowledge in the workplace…
How do I respond to conflict?
What motivates me?
What causes me stress?
How do I communicate with coworkers?
Do I work well in a team?

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D = Dominance
i = influence
S = Steadiness
C = Conscientiousness

D-dominanceDid you know that in a group setting (meeting or retreat or other gathering) or when working in a team, people with high Dominance (D) values will:

– Attempt to dominate (nice word) the discussion or drive discussions in a particular direction

– Lead the group

– If unable to lead, they may choose to withdraw.

– Will become bored easily with long presentations and highly detailed discussions with no easily identified point

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S: SteadinessSteady individuals display the following characteristics when faced with a decision point:

– Careful and thoughtful deliberation of the decision

– Logic based approach without regard for who is involved

– Methodical pacing for decision processing

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