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Trade Your Points

Trade your Points!

You have worked hard, now it is time to play!

All your efforts have provided you with a bankroll of points. Now its time to put those points to work for you.

Fill out the form below to trade your points for SEE Dollars that can be spend on any item in our store. You can purchase additional programs, books, assessments or a great leadership gadget.

My Achievements

You must be logged in to view earned achievements

Reward yourself, give them as a gift or donate them.

Please allow up to 10 days to process your points. You will receive an email confirmation with a coupon code to use for shopping or confirmation of gift or donation.

Please Fill Out The Form Below to Trade, Gift or Donate Your Points

Trade my Points for SEE Dollars

Turn your achievements into shopping dollars you can use towards any purchases available through DiSCover SEE's online store.

Give my Points as a Gift

Give your achievement points to another Participant.
The person receiving the points must be a participant of DiSCover SEE.
If they are not, please contact us for their free enrollment.

Donate My Points

Make a difference in the world by donating your points to a worthy cause.
Please review SEE Gives for causes we support.

*If you do not have enough points for the trade we will contact you and let you know.

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