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2015 IECC Residential Energy

2015 IECC Residential Energy

ICC Preferred Provider
.4 credits
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Internationally, code officials recognized the need for a modern, up-to-date energy conservation code addressing the design of energy-efficient building envelopes and installation of energy efficient mechanical, lighting and power systems through requirements emphasizing performance.

This class is designed to show the participant how the 2015 IECC meets these needs through model code regulations that will result in the optimal utilization of fossil fuel and nondepletable resources during construction. The participant will be subjected to the minimum regulations for energy efficient buildings using prescriptive and performance-related provisions.

Learning objectives:

● Scope and Administration
● Definitions
● General Requirements
● Residential Energy Efficiency
● Existing Buildings
● Referenced Standards

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Commercial building inspectors, commercial plan reviewers, and Certified Building Officials.

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Additional information



Program Time:

4 hours

ICC Credits:


Target Audience:

Residential Building Inspectors


Scope and Administration
General Requirements
Residential Energy Efficiency
Existing Buildings
Referenced Standards

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