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Authentic You, The Heart of Leadership


Leadership Begins Within.




Leadership begins within. Leadership is not about being boss or managing others. Leadership is about managing ourselves so that we can influence those around us. This is the heart of leadership.

Authentic you is a journey of self-discovery. It is for those that are ready to transform. Those that are willing to look at the hard things within their self that are holding them back. To really understand each of the layers that drive behaviors so that they can learn to manage them and align them with their true authentic self.

It is only when we are able to achieve complete alignment from within that we hold the power within to lead in extraordinary way.

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• Learn the layers of heart based leadership
• Recognize the importance of aligning behaviors with Authentic You
• Understand your emotions and mindset
• Identify your core beliefs
• Create personal action plans to implement the skills and competencies learned

• Achieve goals that are in alignment with your core beliefs
• Create authentic and positive impact with others
• Awareness of what drives personal behaviors and attitude
• Enhance self-regulation and self-worth


Create long term results

the heart of leadership online training course

Understand Internal Drivers


Live and Lead Authentically

Those who desire to really transform their experiences to the next level and lead their teams in a powerful way. This program is designed for the person that is willing to not only understand what is driving their outcomes but really take action in creating and living their goals as a leader. Those that really want to influence their team in a purpose driven direction that has long term, sustainable results.

This program is for those ready to take it to the next level and not willing to play small.

All industry types can benefit and find value in the program.

If you are moving into a leadership position and looking to build a deeper set of skills please visit our Emerging Leadership Certification.

If you are already in a leadership position and looking to build a deeper set of skills please visit our Leadership Success Certification.

If you are looking to build the most comprehensive set of leadership skills available please visit our Leadership Excellence Certification.

IMPACT is a research based, empirically driven model based on rigorous analysis of what makes individuals and organizations successful. The IMPACT competency framework is based on the expertise and insight from outstanding organizations and thought leaders across many disciplines. » Learn More

SEE online programs are more than videos and convenience. They are about impact, value and retention that exceeds any traditional classroom setting.  Our online learners are reporting great results, growing skills and an awesome experience along the way.

Take your career and your results to the next level through our powerful set of online learning tools.
Your time.  Your pace.  Your success.

SEE Learning Experience: Our clients have reported their online experience with SEE to have greater learning, longer retention of key skills, enjoyment, high impact, user-friendly interface and engaging content.  Overall, our customers say that eLearning from SEE works and is a great value.

In today’s working environment we are so busy and it is hard to get all of our team together for the training we need.   The time required to create and maintain a healthy and thriving environment just isn’t there for many organizations.  Using an online or blended learning approach allows the entire team a full learning experience when the time fits their schedule best and there are less interruptions to productive working hours. This allows learning focus to be at its highest and provides consistent skills that can be utilized by every team member throughout the organization.  When an entire team learns the same skills and competencies, it bridges the communication disconnects that often occur and ensures peak performance throughout the team.

eLearning opportunities provide organizations and individuals with various benefits including, but not limited to:

Cost Effective Training
Flexible and Nimble Education
Scalable Professional Development
Engaging Learning Environment
High Quality Measurable Results

Online Corporate Training.
The online corporate market is expected to grow by 13% per year up to 2017. Today, 77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.

Earn CEU’s Online or In Person

SEE’s learning programs have passed rigorous academic and professional standards to be able to offer our participants continuing education units and, in some cases, credit hours. Whether you take a program online or in-person you are eligible.

The continuing education units that you need with the convenience of online learning.

Please contact us if your certifying agency is not listed or if you need assistance in applying for these credit hours.

At SEE, we want you to learn and grow.

Our purpose is to inspire you by providing the opportunity to change and transform at your own pace, wherever you are on your learning and career  journey. If the will to learn is present, we are committed to making sure the means can be met to fit you and your organization’s needs.

 Volume discounts for multiple certifications from the same organization are offered.
 Blended learning opportunities available (Online and In Person learning).
Scholarships are available when the need is present but the means are not.
Alumni discounts and review opportunities for those past customers and clients that have participated in previous online or in-person training.
We accept major credit cards, corporate checks, purchase orders*, ACH draft.
 Our programs are congruent with GSA Standards.
 SEE, Inc is registered and up to date with SAM.

Please contact us for more information on finding a pricing and payment solution to fit your needs.

Additional information


Online, In Person, Blended Learning

Program Time:

4 hours

ICC Credits:


Target Audience:

Those who desire to really transform their experiences to the next level and lead their teams in a powerful way.


• Learn the layers of heart based leadership
• Recognize the importance of aligning behaviors with Authentic You
• Understand your emotions and mindset
• Identify your core beliefs
• Enhance self-regulation and self-worth

12 Week Mastery Program

The 12 Week Mastery Program focused on Authentic You teachings. IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

12 weeks of intense learning as a group to create an IMPACT beyond your imagination. This program is for those ready to really step it up and step into their power of influence. Through the 12 weeks you will be challenged, supported, and stretched to a new experience. We take a systematic approach to self-discovery through unlearning limited mindsets, believes, and behaviors that hold us back. We learn as a team, on a daily basis. This program is flexible and made to fit a busy lifestyle, yet accountable and actionable to drive results.

You don’t know what you don’t know. It is time to learn what is really holding you back and how to let go, transform, and apply the skills to live the life you know you are meant to. Learn your authentic self. Learn to connect and align all aspects of influence to who you are, authentically.

Authentic You Mastery program takes you through a step by step systematic approach proven to unlock your potential. When applied, no matter what challenge comes your way, you will know how to get through it. You will know how to break through the barriers that hold you back. You work as a team, this team becomes a support for you way beyond the program.

This program is not for everyone. It is only for those dedicated to achieving and living beyond self-actualization, into transcendence. Amazing leaders live in this space all the time, it is possible and there is a system that truly works. This program is only for those dedicated and willing to look in the mirror, committed to extraordinary results.

If you believe you are ready for the 12 week Authentic You Mastery Program, please fill out the form below and Katie will personally be in touch with you for a no cost consultation to know if you are ready and provide details and answers to any questions you may have. Please note: not everyone will be accepted as well as there are limited participants in each program ran.


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