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Dealing with Difficult People

Utilize and apply skills to work with and win over difficult people.




Empathy and


Underlying Issues


Program Description

Building personal skills have long been the hallmark of winning individuals and organizations.

Dealing with Difficult People is the ultimate session to learn how to deal with the caustic, unmotivated, disengaged, arrogant, mean, and just plain difficult humans. Difficult people come in all aspects of professional life. They can be customers, co-workers, or team members. They can even be your boss. The first view in Dealing with Difficult People is to identify the common types and hybrids of difficult people and then move into understanding the motivations and reasons that people become difficult.

1. Recognize the common types and hybrids of difficult people and how to diagnose the underlying issues and motivations of these individuals.

2. Understand the compounding and facilitating role that is played by others and organizations in creating difficult people.

3. Utilize and apply skills to work with and win over difficult people.

4. Develop competencies related to empathy and outreach.

5. Understand that difficult people are present in all situations, even in the healthiest working environments.


Empathy and




Underlying Issues


Understand Compounding Role




Win Over Difficult People

What customers are saying:

Overall outstanding!

I have raved about this course to both my supervisors and those who report to me.  I have suggested it to all of our managers to attend. Thank you.

MGM Grand University December 21, 2015

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Highly recommend

The SEE Inc, team were a great team and I enjoyed the classes! I will highly recommend your classes to my organization and thank them for sending me to the best class I’ve ever attended.

Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept, CO March 29, 2016

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IMPACT is a research based, empirically driven model based on rigorous analysis of what makes individuals and organizations successful.

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Understanding yourself and others is a key ingredient to success as a leader, success working in teams, success as a service provider, and success in life.”

DiSC-sidebarThe DiSC® tools are designed to provide a highly accurate view of you and what that means to the interactions and relationships that drive your success.

SEE uses DiSC® assessments as a measurement of behaviors and communication styles. It is highly recommended to complete your DiSC® profile as a valued companion as you learn and grow with us. This is a one time assessment that can be completed and referenced in all of our online and in person learning programs.

There are multiple solutions and reports that can be completed. Each of them provide a different focus as well as provide various details related to that targeted focus. Please choose the assessment that fits you best. Contact us if you would like assistance in determining which one is best for you and your situation.

Note: This is not a requirement and you can complete the program and gain the skills associated with personality styles.

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The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in an organization to improve the quality of the workplace.

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Completing your DiSC® Profile will provide you with a lot more depth of your personal communication style as well as others that you interact with on a daily basis.

It will enhance your learning experience tremendously.

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