Entrepreneur Online Learning Group


The path to success is not one-size-fits-all. The journey is filled with challenges and choices. This group joins like-minded small business owners that are committed to success. The Entrepreneur Empowerment Group includes: 

    • Weekly Lessons
    • Private online group discussions and activities
    • Monthly one-hour live video sessions with group members.
    • During the monthly sessions, you’ll get to authentically connect, ask questions, and get to know other participants.

Join us online to participate in a group that is committed to success by pushing themselves and their teams to new levels. Weekly lessons that range from start-up to expansion. Learn from experienced teachers, grow as a community, and learn key skills for success.

By enrolling in our online groups you agree to abide by all group website policies and rules. This includes no selling or promoting. The purpose of the online group is to grow as individuals and as leaders. It’s the perfect place to share ideas and build each other up, but it ISN’T a platform to solicit or sell.

Find the clarity and support you need to create your business in alignment with your purpose and personal goals. Align your purpose, passion, your personal lifestyle, goals with your day to day actions, team, customers/clients, and day to day services. Being an entrepreneur is exciting and each business unique to its team culture. As leaders grow and find alignment, operations, and cash flow follow. When small-business owners embrace leadership, magic happens.

Our SEE Online group members are led and empowered by Katie Sparks. A successful entrepreneur of 20+ years.

Katie Sparks"Being an entrepreneur has given me a life of freedom and an amazing journey of challenges and experiences. and I am excited to support anyone that embraces the life of being an entrepreneur. It is a lifestyle choice that is full of unique challenges, big dreams, freedom, hard work, stress, late-night fears, responsibility, a lot of unknown leaps of faith, continued personal growth, and one of the most rewarding paths I can ever imagine experiencing. I also understand how it can oftentimes feel like a lonely island with a lot of overwhelming unintended consequences. We are required to wear many hats, some we are good at, others we are not. My goal with leading this group is to help teach lessons I wish I would have learned 20 years ago when I started, guidance on how to get from where you are to where you want to be and build a community of support so each and every one of you gets to not only break through the 3-5 year statistic of failed business but thrive for years after becoming successful and sustainable.




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