Leadership Essentials

Learn the essential skills necessary to serve in a successful leadership role.
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Leadership Essentials is the perfect starting point for all people moving into a supervisory, management or executive role and for those people who continue to want to grow as leaders in their organization.

This program will take you through the essential skill sets needed to be an effective leader. Starting with an understanding of what changes when moving into leadership and the motivations behind the change. We will cover accountability as a leader, the IMPACT of influence, the focus of a leader, relationship boundaries and how to transition from a doer to a leader.

• Learn the competencies of leadership and the application in everyday situations
• Recognize the importance of leadership on the overall success of any organization
• Overcome leadership challenges
• Identify areas to focus as a leader
• Create personal action plans to implement the skills and competencies learned

• Embrace the role of leadership
• Become a role model for the team
• Assume accountability as a leader
• Connect and create healthy relationships with team members
• Influence others through IMPACT


Transition from Doer to Leader  •  Build Relationship Boundaries  •  Convert Focus and Attention




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Online, In Person, Blended Learning

Program Time:

4 hours

ICC Credits:

.4, ICC Provider #1319


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate upon completion with verified hours. We recommend participants check with their governing organization to verify acceptance of learning hours from SEE Online courses towards CEUs. *Customized certificates can be created to verify CE credits if needed.

Target Audience:

For all people moving into a leadership position.


Based on IMPACT – The ROI of Leadership


“Understanding yourself and others is a key ingredient to success as a leader, success working in teams, success as a service provider, and success in life.”

DiSC-sidebarThe DiSC® tools are designed to provide a highly accurate view of you and what that means to the interactions and relationships that drive your success.

SEE uses DiSC® assessments as a measurement of behaviors and communication styles. It is highly recommended to complete your DiSC® profile as a valued companion as you learn and grow with us. This is a one time assessment that can be completed and referenced in all of our online and in person learning programs.

There are multiple solutions and reports that can be completed. Each of them provide a different focus as well as provide various details related to that targeted focus. Please choose the assessment that fits you best. Contact us if you would like assistance in determining which one is best for you and your situation.

Note: This is not a requirement and you can complete the program and gain the skills associated with personality styles.


Completing your DiSC® Profile will provide you with a lot more depth of your personal communication style as well as others that you interact with on a daily basis.

It will enhance your learning experience tremendously.

IMPACT Training: Leadership Essentials

IMPACT TrainingLearn the essential skills necessary to serve in a successful leadership role.


Leadership Essentials is the Foundation Program for the Emerging Leadership Certification.

  • Aspiring leaders, new leaders in a company.
  • The Leadership Essentials Program is a must-have for all people moving into a leadership position.
  • Those people new or newer to leadership positions or those who want to become leaders.
  • It is also perfect for supervisors and managers who have never received any type of training in the science and art of leadership.
  • As a refresher or as a new jump-start for any level, this program will also reconnect an executive, manager or experienced supervisor with the skills needed to be even more successful in any organization.
  • All industry types can benefit and find value in the program.  From manufacturing to retail, public sector to hospitality, non-profits to financial services; everyone will find the key competencies for leadership success.

IMPACT is a research-based, empirically driven model based on rigorous analysis of what makes individuals and organizations successful. The IMPACT competency framework is based on the expertise and insight from outstanding organizations and thought leaders across many disciplines.




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