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Emotional Intelligence is s the number one skill that makes or breaks our experiences. No matter what industry or job title, having good EQ (emotional intelligence) is a must. Join a group of like-minded people looking to grow and learn EQ with you. 


    • Weekly Lessons
    • Private online group discussions and activities
    • Monthly one-hour live video sessions with group members.
    • During the monthly sessions, you’ll get to authentically connect, ask questions, and get to know other participants.

Join us online to participate in a group that focuses on learning and improving EQ. Weekly lessons will include topics like the understanding and impact and continue with key skills to start applying right away. Learn from experienced teachers, grow in a community full of support.

By enrolling in our online groups you agree to abide by all group website policies and rules. This includes no selling or promoting. The purpose of the online group is to grow as individuals and as leaders. It’s the perfect place to share ideas and build each other up, but it ISN’T a platform to solicit or sell.

The deeper our understanding of EQ the better we can connect with others at the core, influencing outward behaviors that align and are sustainable.


Great leaders lead from within. As you grow on the inside the results you desire start to show up on the outside. Invest in yourself and you will be investing in your business, your work, your family, friends, and life experience. Learn what emotional intelligence is, and what it is not. Skills drip-fed each week for you to learn and apply consistently every week. Access to a private online group to communicate with other members learning and growing each day. Connect via a video session every month as you get to authentically know each other and ask questions.





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Leading from the inside out.

Our thoughts and emotions drive our behaviors. This is a key element in understanding emotional intelligence and understanding what drives each of us.

Too many times we recognize behaviors that we don’t like and we try to ‘control’ them. We put rules into play, we micromanage, we stress, we try to teach a different behavior, we get upset or frustrated, we try to justify why actions should be different, the list goes on. What we are doing is trying to fix or cure the result. 

It is no different than going to the doctor and being prescribed medicine to control the health issue. When what we should be doing, what will naturally unfold and create a new result is looking at the core of what is causing the unwanted behavior. Treating from the inside out.

When we start to lead from within we start to focus on the thoughts and emotions of our team and ourselves. This is a totally new skill set and way of leading as a whole. First, we have to understand our own EQ and learn to manage it. Once we do, we can start to recognize the thoughts and emotions of others that is driving their behavior.  As a leader, when we start to talk to those thoughts and emotions of our team, coaching, and mentoring alignment from the inside, the desired behavior follows. This creates a long term, sustainable result for our team as a whole.

This may seem hard and near impossible when first starting the journey of leading from within. However, once you start you will find your job as a leader just got easier. There is a lot less dealing with or trying to manage unwanted behaviors and actions and a lot more enjoying the creation of your team in a natural flow.

MASTER YOUR EQ – join our online group.