Service Excellence-Telephone Contact


Recognize the unique challenges associated with phone communication related to tone and richness.


Understand the Importance of Tone


Recognize Unique Challenges


Learn Proper Greetings




Program Description

We see less and less of our customers.  It is less frequent that a customer will every visit our location.  Some businesses and organizations never see their customer.  More and more transactions and inquiries are done from the telephone or internet and Customer Service Excellence-Telephone Skills will provide the skills and tools needed to enhance customer experiences when they call.


Understand the Importance of Tone


Recognize Unique Challenges


Learn Proper Greetings


Create a Lasting Impression




Create a Positive Impact

Path to SuccessWe see less and less of our customers.  It is less frequent that a customer will every visit our location.  Some businesses and organizations never see their customer.  More and more transactions and inquiries are done from the telephone or internet and Customer Service Excellence-Telephone Skills will provide the skills and tools needed to enhance customer experiences when they call.

Beginning with the initial greeting, customers receive an impression of how we will treat them and their value to our respective organizations.  Customer Service Excellence-Telephone Skills works to ensure that the initial greeting contains all of the needed elements to establish a great tone with customers.  Beyond the initial greeting, all subsequent phone answering must have a consistent approach and we cannot vest all of our phone skills in the first point of contact.  In addition to the words that are used in the initial greeting, the program also examines tone and the impact of a hurried approach when used on the phone.

Additional skills in this program will include how to correctly ask, wait for a response and place a customer on hold.  Equally important will be frequently checking back to offer alternatives to continuing to hold.  The final core element of Customer Service Excellence-Telephone Skills is about how to correctly transfer calls and the information required to go with the call transfer.

Customer Service Excellence-Telephone Skills is designed for all team members in all industry types and groups.  The program is available in one hour keynote or three hour workshop formats.  It is included in the Customer Service Professional Excellence series and can easily be added to other customized solutions or in individual coaching sessions.

Delivering learning content is easy. Delivering it in a manner that is engaging, easy to follow and visually appealing is quite another. Graphical elements, video, activities, self-assessments, audio, and a good dose of fun all help you enjoy the learning process.

When you embrace the competencies for outstanding leadership and begin to apply them in a meaningful and consistent way, you will be creating a path for your own personal success and the success of your organization.

Online Program:

icon-program50This program offers you all of the skills you need to master service excellence through telephone contact. It is packed with usable and key skill sets designed to facilitate professional development.

Participant Guide:

A downloadable guide that you are able to keep as a reference to this program. This is provided to you at no additional cost.

forum-screenshotProgram Forum:

You will receive access to an online round-table to engage with others on the same learning path. A community of support and shared growth.

Certificate of Completion:

certificateWhen you complete this program you will receive a certificate of achievement.  Your signed certificate will be personalized with your name and program information.

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During your experience with the online certification, you will be guided through a series of interactive elements that include assessments, video, reading, audio, activities, books, reporting and discussion forums. You are guided through the process at your own pace with the support of our team and those who are also honing their leadership skills and competencies.

Once your order is processed and your online learning journey begins, one of our team members will contact you to assist you on your learning path. You will receive access to complete your DiSC® Assessment, your online login and directions on getting started. Each individual program is available to you for 180 days. You will receive the required programs in a cascading manner, meaning you will have access to the first program and when completed you will receive access to the next program.

Every program can be completed on any device that has an internet browser (laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone). You can take a break whenever needed and return where you left off. All programs are provided to you at your own pace. Upon the completion of each program you will receive a certificate of completion for each program and one for the entire certification series.

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In today’s working environment we are so busy and it is hard to get all of our team together for the training we need.   The time required to create and maintain a healthy and thriving environment just isn’t there for many organizations.  Using an online or blended learning approach allows the entire team a full learning experience when the time fits their schedule best and there are less interruptions to productive working hours. This allows learning focus to be at its highest and provides consistent skills that can be utilized by every team member throughout the organization.  When an entire team learns the same skills and competencies, it bridges the communication disconnects that often occur and ensures peak performance throughout the team.

eLearning opportunities provide organizations and individuals with various benefits including, but not limited to:

Cost Effective
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Online Corporate Training.
The online corporate market is expected to grow by 13% per year up to 2017. Today, 77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.

Designed for all team members in all industry types and groups.

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ICC AIA nv-post
*ICC Continuing Education Units: .15 – .3

ICC Provider #1319
Service Excellence-Telephone Contact Program ICC Course #6297. 

The continuing education units that you need with the convenience of online learning.

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What customers are saying:

Clark County D.A.

Understand others

I love that it teaches to understand others communication styles so offense isn’t taken when it doesn’t match your own

Clark County D.A. June 5, 2017

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default image

Program was fantastic

The program was fantastic. Presenters were both enthusiastic and effective.

Norwegian Cruise Line February 10, 2017

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Texas Instruments

Resonating with me

The classes are really resonating with me… I was truly fortunate to have participated in them…it was good timing.

Texas Instruments May 30, 2017

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Additional information


Online, In Person, Blended Learning

Program Time:

Online: 1.5 hours, In Person: 3 hours

ICC Credits:

.15 – .3, ICC Provider #1319

Target Audience:

Designed for team members in all industry types and groups.


• To understand the importance of using an upbeat and friendly tone when answering all incoming calls.
• To use correct form and format in greeting a telephone call.
• To place a customer on hold correctly, ask about their ability to hold and check back with them frequently and offer alternatives to holding.
• To transfer information along with customers in the transfer call equation.
• To recognize the unique challenges associated with phone communication related to tone and richness.


Understanding yourself and others is a key ingredient to success as a leader, success working in teams, success as a service provider, and success in life.”

DiSC-sidebarThe DiSC® tools are designed to provide a highly accurate view of you and what that means to the interactions and relationships that drive your success.

SEE uses DiSC® assessments as a measurement of behaviors and communication styles. It is highly recommended to complete your DiSC® profile as a valued companion as you learn and grow with us. This is a one time assessment that can be completed and referenced in all of our online and in person learning programs.

There are multiple solutions and reports that can be completed. Each of them provide a different focus as well as provide various details related to that targeted focus. Please choose the assessment that fits you best. Contact us if you would like assistance in determining which one is best for you and your situation.

Note: This is not a requirement and you can complete the unit and gain the skills associated with communication styles.

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