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Create a healthy team culture and a thriving work environment.
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Create a Work Culture that Drives Results, Customer Service, and Employee Satisfaction.

The Team Culture Package is a must-have for those wanting to create a healthy and thriving work environment.
Improve communication, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, decision making, and much more.

All industry types can benefit and find value in the program.

Course Information

The following online learning courses are included in the Team Culture Online Program:

Clear, concise, and powerful communication skills will have a dramatic impact on the quality of your leadership, the service you provide, the ability to work together and in your life. If we want to be successful, we must master the skills of communication. Don’t take this baseline foundation skill for granted any longer.

Effective Communication provides the foundational skillset that is extremely important as a success factor in leadership, customer service, and team dynamics.

Successful communication is an essential skill to improve status in both your professional and personal life. Recognizing and then mastering the skills taught in this program will help you strengthen relationships in all facets of your daily life.

The Self-Awareness and Self-Management Program utilizes the personal half of emotional intelligence to build the skills needed to manage actions, words, demeanor, and attitude correctly in order to have a positive impact.

Learn techniques for raising your own emotional quotient (EQ), skills for self-management, resilience, and developing empathy.

Using the most valid and statistically accurate personality tool available, unlock keys to your personality and how to better relate to others around you.  Improve communication, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, decision making and much more using DiSC® as your roadmap.  In addition to understanding yourself and others, you will learn incredible adaptation tactics to connect like never before.

Understanding Yourself and Others is the ultimate base required for strong and successful interpersonal interactions, both on the job and at home.

Successful relationships don’t just happen – like any other worthwhile achievement, they need to be nurtured and strengthened. Using DiSC® assessments, this course provides you with the tools necessary to build and grow authentic relationships in both the workplace and your personal life.

The Everything DiSC® Workplace™ Profile helps build better relationships — one relationship at a time. The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:
• Discovering Your DiSC® Style
• Understanding Other Styles
• Building More Effective Relationships
• Includes Optional People-Reading Module

Team Culture Online

This bundle includes over 12 hours of online learning with lifetime access and a 20-page DiSC profile personalized to you.

The Team Culture Online Bundle enrollment is for each individual participant of the team.
More than 5 team members? Group Rates Available


Create a healthy team culture and a thriving work environment.  

  • Give your team the tools to succeed. Invest in training that will put you on the path to success through Effective Communication, Understanding Yourself and Others, and Self-Awareness and Self-Management.
  • Improve communication, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, decision making, and much more.




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Online, In Person, Blended Learning

Program Time:

12 Hours online

ICC Credits:

1.2, ICC Provider #1319


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate upon completion with verified hours. We recommend participants check with their governing organization to verify acceptance of learning hours from SEE Online courses towards CEUs. *Customized certificates can be created to verify CE credits if needed.


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SEE Learning Experience: SEE online programs are more than videos and convenience. They are about impact, value, and retention that exceeds any traditional classroom setting.  Our clients have reported their online experience with SEE to have greater learning, longer retention of key skills, enjoyment, high impact, user-friendly interface, and engaging content.  Overall, our customers say that eLearning from SEE works and is a great value.
When you complete a SEE online program you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can use on your resume, for your next promotion or print and frame.
Our online programs are completed at your own time, at your own pace.
All online programs include life-time access, allowing you to review and revisit any time.
You can choose to enroll in a 12-week follow-up program following any of our online programs for no additional fee. » SEE Track
Each program adapts to various learning styles with elements that include video, audio, learning activities that are all full of content.
Private team groups allow you to learn together as a team.
Program discussions and interaction from other participants are all part of the SEE Online learning community.
Earn CEU’s Online or In Person

SEE’s learning programs have passed rigorous academic and professional standards to be able to offer our participants continuing education units and, in some cases, credit hours. Whether you take a program online or in-person you are eligible.

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