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SEE Fundraiser

A fundraiser that does more than raise money, it gives the gift of learning.

Schools, churches, sports teams and other non-profit groups can create a fundraiser customized and targeted to their audience.

Our team works with your team to customize programs, discounts and profits that work for you. Share programs from Empowered Teens, Engaged Parents, to corporate Leadership programs. Choose the programs that target your audience. We provide you a discount to share, your organization receives up to 90% profit.  Every campaign is customized and profit is based on a sliding scale.

Benefits of choosing a SEE fundraiser?

No Upfront Costs

We provide you the tools to get started and share digital. No upfront costs to your organization. We offer digital creatives as well as print design files if you choose to print materials (*print cost is responsibility of non-profit organization)

Customized Programs

You and your organization are unique. Soaring Eagle Enterprises offers a variety of learning programs that reach various audiences from young kids to corporate executives. Every fundraising program is unique and created just for you.

We offer fundraising programs to provide an opportunity for those standing behind and raising money for a great cause’s. Our goal is to make provide you with the tools to succeed from marketing creatives, pricing discounts to online tracking.

Simple Process


No matter the age of your team, how many people are involved the process is simple. Once your program is setup you will receive links, coupon codes and creative marketing tools to assist you in sharing.

All orders are placed online and fulfilled by our team. Your team’s involvement is to get the supporter directed to where they need to go and we take care of the rest.

We provide you with online tracking to view where you are, at any time.

At the end of your fundraiser we close the program and send you the profits.

Your Giving the Gift of Learning

Create a ripple effect by providing life changing skills that make a difference in the life of others.
Using programs for your fundraising gives a gift to the world that they will thank you for.

Make a lasting impression. Show you care.

Create your customized Fundraiser Program

Educate your Team

Share with your supporters

Supporters purchase online using a direct link.

Track your progress online

Close Fundraiser.
Receive funds.

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