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Team Group FAQ

Team Group and Forum FAQ

Team groups are set up for a place to learn and grow together.  A group contains a space for team members to post updates and comment on others.  It’s a great place to communicate online.

If your team wants an organized long term resource we offer, at no additional cost, a group forum which allows you to have sub-forums, targeted to particular subjects where each team member can post multiple topics and reply to them. A forum allows for long term organization and gives a resource to look back on later for ideas, feedback or resource links.

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about team groups and forums. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is the a forum the same as a group?

No, a forum is an organized platform provided for online communication that is used for more long term threads and responses.

Forums are a great place to post things like innovation ideas, strengths, challenges, resource links or any targeted topic you want to capture as a group.

The Team Group activity stream is a place to post updates and have other team members comment. As time goes the updates become buried in a stream of other updates. Team group updates are great for announcements or a quick note.

*Please note that email settings are different for team groups and forum posts.

Why can't we comment on a post in the group updates?

If a post update does not allow a comment, it has most likely been auto-posted from a topic or reply from the group forum. If this is the case, it will not allow a comment on the main group page. You will need to go to the forum post to comment.

Forum Organization

A forum consists of Sub-Forums and Topics.

Before posting a new topic in the main forum please check to see if it belongs in a Sub-Forum.

Topics on the main forum are for general communications that are not targeted to a Sub-Forum subject. Please email us if you need a new Sub-Forum setup.

A sub forum is targeted to a specific topic setup by your group administrator.

All topics posted in the sub forum should be related to the targeted subject.

If you need a new sub forum setup please contact your administrator.

Topics can be posted in the main forum or sub forums.

Create a new topic if there is something new that you want to share or have a question to ask.

Please use the replies to respond to another topic posted.

When a topic has been posted that you want to, respond to please reply to the corresponding topic.

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