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Understanding Motivation

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Understanding Motivation

To understand motivation is to understand both yourself and the reason that your team comes to work each day.

Understanding the very individualized nature of human motivation allows you to connect your engagement, tone setting, and relationship building strategies to unleash the highest performance levels from each team member.

To understand motivation also allows you to assist team members into moving their motivation to higher levels for personal satisfaction and value.

Human behavioral motivation can best be described in a series of rules or myths about motivation.
There are five myths about motivation, let’s look at the top two.

 I can motivate people.

Your role is to inspire and create an environment where motivation can be unlocked and is rewarded.  Motivation is unique and owned by each individual.  No two are the same.

Money is a good motivator.

At best, money is a temporary motivator that provides for baseline needs. When money is a motivational factor, team members lack the loyalty needed to stay committed to an organization’s mission and the supply of money will always be a question.

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