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What is in your Leadership Toolbox?

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What is in your Leadership Toolbox?

Leadership is a set of learned competencies. When mastered and authentically implemented this creates significant synergy between team members and their leader creating powerful outcomes and significant results.

SEE has been teaching competency based training for over 20 years. Based on scientific and experiential research, the following competencies are a must to master to be an effective leader on each level.

  • Every team member needs to develop strength with each competency on their level.
  • Every supervisor, manager and mid-level leader needs to master all competencies on their level as well as the team member level.
  • Every senior leader must be a master of team level and mid-level competencies and be very efficient in all senior leader level competencies.
IMPACT competency framework

Don’t try to master all leadership competencies at once. Learn, develop, grow, and apply this gradually and in order.

Work on the first few competencies and master them. They will have the highest impact on overall team performance and engagement.

Read more about these IMPACT Competencies here.

Leadership Essentials

Insight, Influence, and IMPACT

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