Quick, Effective, and Hassle Free

30 Minute workshops full of IMPACT!

30 minute workshops are built for small, busy organizations in the Lake Norman area. Learning and growing together as a team is a vital part of success, don’t let tight schedules and budgets stop you and your team from developing. You can schedule them ongoing, on a schedule that works for you – with topics targeted to your business. Perfect for lunch-n-learns, or part of a morning meeting.

Understand you, understand others.

If you’ve been experiencing disconnect, frustration, miss-communication (or lack of), or loss of trust and respect around the office, or you simply want to grow your team then schedule a quick and easy workshop for your company!

Build the foundation for a healthy working environment.

Leadership Development Workshop

Choose from many topics focused on building leaders in your organization. Including but not limited to: coaching, empowerment, team engagement, leadership essentials, and decision making.

Leadership: The art and science of influencing others to achieve a common goal because they want to.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop

How many times has your business suffered because of poor communication, out-of-control emotions or heightened tensions among your team members?

Emotional intelligence isn’t simply a “nice-to-have” skill. It’s absolutely essential to your company’s success.

Why is EQ more important than IQ?
Impact of Communication

Effective Communication Workshop

Effective Communication provides the foundational skill set that is extremely important as a success factor in leadership, customer service, and team dynamics.

Successful communication is an essential skill.

Created for busy, small businesses that find value in learning and growing their teams.

Our workshop programs include monthly, bi-weekly, or one-time scheduling to fit your needs of a growing business.